Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you measure power and is it accurate?

All the performance data comes from the bike’s own computer and depending on the bike manufacturer, power may be calculated or measured.

2. Can you accommodate all bike models?

For more information on the bikes compatible with Performance IQ, click here.

3. How long does installation take?

Installation may take between 1-3 hours depending on the number of bikes.

4. What does the gym or studio need to provide?

It is the studio’s responsibility to purchase and install one or more (we recommend 50” minimum for a 25 bike studio or larger) flat panel TV and attach a HDMI cable from the TV, for connection to the provided laptop computer.

5. How much does the system cost?

This depends on the number of bikes in the studio and the type of system. Please contact us for a quote.

6. Is it possible to just purchase the heart rate monitoring module?

Yes, we offer our HR module separately as a significantly reduced price.

7. How long does it take the instructor to enter in the class data?

A heart rate profile can be set up in 30 seconds by the instructor on reception. For studios using data tracking, all rider data is automatically uploaded to the laptop for each class.

8. Who do I call for support if there are any issues with the system?

Call 312-544-9733 from 8am-6pm Central Time Mon-Fri and we will respond.

9. What is covered in the warranty?

The system is guaranteed for 12 months and an extended warranty may be purchased.

10. I want this system in my gym. What are the next steps?

Fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

11. How does a user sign up for a Leaderboard™ studio class?

For studios using data tracking, users sign up on line from their profile page. They simply select a class and a bike. Their data will automatically upload to their profile after class, and they may be sent a text or email with their results (at the discretion of the studio).

12. How do users track their progress?

From their profile page. All their previous rides are stored for future reference including maximum and average power and RPM data. A group leader-board may also be viewed from the performance page showing the top performers in the studio.