Indoor Cycling Display

IC Studios all over the world are realizing that measuring results leads to engagement, greater client retention and loyalty, higher membership rates and more meaningful instructor/client relationships. Separate yourself from the crowd by offering the most advanced indoor cycling experience to your clients.

Wirelessly display individual and group performance on to a single screen enabling indoor cycling studios to offer new class programming.
Rapidly increase motivation
Allow team competition
Track performance history

Create member loyalty

Modes: Explanation

Power Mode. During RPM/Power mode, riders view their cycling data in real time.

Team Mode. In Team Mode, riders can track their heart rate zone and calories.

Personal Threshold Power Mode. Riders can track view their power output in terms of Functional Threshold Power.

Online Performance Tracking. Riders can track their past performance in studios.

Heart Rate Summary. Riders will see their heart rate summary.

Compatible IC Bikes for Power and RPM Display (HR Monitoring Included)

Spinner Blade Ion

Schwinn AC with Power Upgrade

Keiser M3i

Freemotion S11.9 with Power

Body Bike Connect


Stages SC Series


Precor Chrono

Compatible IC bike for RPM Display (Heart Rate Optional)


Schwinn IC PRO


Tomahawk S-Series

LifeCycle GX


Precor Rally